MM Prumyslové spektrum

is a technical magazine for the management in the Czech industry.

MM Prumyslové spektrum presents plenty of up-to-date information from industry and reports on new trends and trade fairs etc., not only from the Czech Republic itself but from around the world.

  • Target groups

    Are reached by a system of alternating distribution based on the specific content of each issue.

  • Distribution analysis

    Target Group by Industry
    Metal production/metal working 26%
    Machine building 20%
    Automation and electrical engineering 15%
    Logistics and transportation industry 9%
    Plastics and rubber processing, chemical industry 8%
    Science & research, technical universities 7%
    Power engineering 5%
    Automotive industry, vehicle construction 5%
    Precision mechanics/optical instruments 3%
    Other industry 2%
    Total 100%



    Readership analysis:
    Top management 29%
    Design, processes, R & D 22%
    Commercial section, marketing dept. 20%
    Engineering section management 17%
    QA/QC, manufacturing 7%
    Other 5%
    Total 100%
  • Frequency & circulation

    Frequency: 10 times a year

    Circulation: 9,000 copies

  • Publisher & Place of Publication

    Place of publication:: Prag/Cz
    Publisher: MM publishing s.r.o. (Ltd.)
    Pripotocní 1519/10A
    CZ-101 00 Praha 10

    Contact: Mrs. Jana Masinova
    (Tschechisch, Englisch, Deutsch)
    Tel.: +420 222 365 396
    Fax: +420 267 216 440
    Mobil: +420 775 245 802

  • Specialisation & magazine format & type Area & print documents

    Scope Industry
    Size of magazine: 210 x 297 mm (width x height), DIN A 4
    Type Area: 180 mm x 270 mm, 4 columns each 46 mm wide
    Printing material, printing, binding: Digital printing material, offset printing, perfect binding


    Please send your printing material to the following addresses (if possible in the respective foreign language):


    MM publishing s.r.o. (Ltd.)
    Pripotocní 1519/10A
    CZ-101 00 Praha 10

    Mrs. Gabriela Jedlickova
    (Tschechisch, Englisch, Deutsch)
    Tel.: +420 222 365 329
    Fax: +420 267 216 440
    Mobil: +420 775 245 802


    Digital printing material: PDF, optimised for print on CD-ROM + proof, or by E-mail, or ISDN


    We can also translate your advertisement into the respective foreign language. We therefore charge our cost price. Please send your advertisement text as an open file in time for the booking deadline to the address below.

Contact us!

Luise Rechter

Luise Rechter

Sales Manager International


Phone +49 931 418 - 2988

Fax +49 931 418 - 2022

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