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Vogel Communications Group

offers high quality specialist media platforms and portals for knowledge exchange: in print, digital, by events and numerous other services for our clients to support their marketing and communication objectives.

Market and media research has formed part of this range of services since the 1960s. Launched as an exclusive service for advertising clients of  the industrial journal "MM Maschinenmarkt", the market and media research of Vogel Business Media has developed into a modern market research service-provider with a wide range of services and excellent methodological expertise.

  • Why us?

    We have direct access to professional decision-makers such as engineers, companies, developers, technical experts and independent professionals, among others.

    We know our target groups and use a range of channels to approach them selectively.

    Our clients receive unbiased market information and not just feedback from their regular clients.

    We are a lot more than market researchers: we are content suppliers, knowledge partners and market consultants.

    Our experience of B2B market research stretches back over very many years.

  • What questions do we ask?

    Is your promotional material noticed?

    What promotional material is most effective in your target group?

    What was/is your market position before and after the campaign? Which media channels had a particularly strong influence?

    How well known is your company? Who are your strongest competitors?

    Where do your strengths lie? Where does your potential for further development lie?

    How is your product judged by the target group? What are its strengths and weaknesses compared with the competition's products?

    What are the expectations of visitors to your website?

    How can your newsletter be improved?

  • What do we offer?

    All established methods (on-line, telephone, face-to-face and written - both in quantitative and qualitative form)

    Conceptual consultancy by market research experts

    Coordination of all content and research stages with the client's objectives

    Active participation marketing using suitable communication methods and channels

    Continuous reporting during the research period

    Reliable, execution and evaluation using exemplary methods

  • How do you benefit?

    You obtain direct feed-back from the market

    You receive crucial information forming the basis for decision-making 

    in the form of a coherent and easily understood presentation of our findings (which can range from a complex report with a wide-ranging depth of information to a compact report concentrating on major conclusions)

    You identify new approaches to brand management, communication policy and product development

    You underpin your strategic actions with soundly-based figures

  • Who supports us?

    Our editorial teams are at home in many sectors and topics, thus guaranteeing technically perfect formulation of questions which are ideally suited to the target group even when faced with difficult content These fields represent the core skills of Vogel Business Media:


    B2B communication

    Information technology
    Motor trade

    Machine building
    Medial technology

    Law/the economy/taxes



    Our marketing professionals ensure


    that the right person is selected 

    that the approach is right for the target group 

    that the optimal media mix is selected (direct approach, newsletters, banners)

    that attractive incentives for participation are offered

Contact us!

Matthias Thauer


Phone +49 931 418-2410

Fax +49 931 418-2280

Contact us!

Anne-Sophie Ruß


Phone +49 931 418-2075

Fax +49 931 418-2280

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