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Filtered visitors to your landing page: You will attract attention in the market via a highgrade advertorial and its proactive distribution among your target group; you will also
generate filtered visitors to your own web-site or landing page..

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Possible format: Advertorial
Campaign period: 3 months
Lead features: Filtered traffic
Marketing: Editorial and external channels
Pricing model: Fixed price

Do you want to promote content on your domain or do you want to increase the number of filtered industry visitors in general? With Lead Transfer you obtain filtered visitors to your landing page where you have the opportunity of generating leads, registrations or inquiries, for example for your white papers, webinars, events or products.

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Silvia Zeiner

Silvia Zeiner

Key Account Manager


Phone +49 931 418 - 2253

Fax +49 931 418 - 2014


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